Blood Vine

SAMA Nomination

Best Alternative Album

I had immense fun,

recording and mixing Yoav's 3rd album,

entitled 'Blood Vine'.

Yoav and I co-produced.

Yoav - Pale Imitation - Video

Listen to an album sampler here ...

Yoav Album Edit Pt2
00:00 / 08:49
Yoav Album Edit Pt1
00:00 / 06:19

It was a pleasure

working with such a focussed

and talented individual.

Oh yes ...

and a lot of bloody hard work :-)

Thanks to Andrew and Jeremy

at Digital Forest,

for keeping the insanity real.

The making of Blood Vine,

consisted of a long period

of excessive hours,

spent behind the SSL,

and much craziness in the studio.

The results

are definitely worth it though.

I'm really proud of this one.