DarkPopChris is based at

The Planet Art Studio,

in the heart of Cape Town.


These purpose built rooms,

designed by Nicholas Stilborg,

offer an ideal sonic environment,

in which to work.

The live room has

a fantastic acoustic quality,

which enhances every recording.

There are loads of tasty

studio toys to play with.

The control room,

makes mixing a breeze.

The studio also comes with

a really talented and dedicated

young engineer - Mike Sims.


The studio is located off Kloof Street,
so there is plenty

in the way of great food,

coffee, entertainment and accommodation,

right on its doorstep.


It's a truly creative space.

I'm very happy here.

You could be too.

The Planet Art Studio - Gallery


www.darkpopchris.com offers a glimpse into the career, of music industry professional, Christopher Tuck (DarkPopChris). 

Specialising in commercial-release-quality, album productions.

Services include, Music Composition, Music Production, Music Mixing, ReMixing and Music Mastering.