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a) Mixing is an opportunity
to enhance a song at an emotive level,
it is not merely a technical exercise.

b) I create 
immersive listening experiences,
that evolve throughout the duration
of a song. 

c) I deliver mixes that are sensitive
to the artist’s vision.

d) Mixing takes time.
The more time spent,
the better the quality,
and the more detailed the mix results.

e) I am confident mixing the simplest
to the most complex of arrangements,
across any genre of music.
The more complex an arrangement,
generally, the more time is required.

f) The quality of the recorded material,
supplied for mixing,
has a direct bearing on the results
that are achievable.

g) Standard hourly rate
for services and equipment,
is usually $35 (ZAR500) / hour.

h) Rates for a Mix + Master
usually start at $400 (ZAR 5700)

i) Rates for a Mix + Master + Fixing
usually start at $600 (ZAR8500)


Requirements Of Client

a) Files supplied for mixing,
must be at the highest sample
and bit rates possible.
They must be at the same
sample and bit rates,
as the ‘source recording session’.

b) Files supplied for mixing,
must all have a common
timing reference.
This is usually the very start
of the session.

c) An accurate tempo map,
or BPM’s for each song,
must be given.

d) Files supplied for mixing,
must all be accurately labelled.

Client Requirements

T's & C's

a) Time Limited Offer 

b) This offer is for the
stereo mixing and mastering
of multitrack recordings only. 

c) Dolby Atmos mixes (if required)
do not form part of this offer.
These are part of a separate process,
and will be billed accordingly.

d) No additional recording
or production work

i.e. (drum replacement /
tuning of vocals + instruments /
fixing of timing issues /
arrangement alterations /
addition of musical parts,
re-triggering of sounds from midi etc…)
will be entered into
under this offer.
It is generally assumed,
that the files supplied by the client,
are mix ready,
and have already had
the above procedures applied.
If the client requires this work,
to be performed by Christopher Tuck,
then it will be billable
at the standard rate of
$35 (ZAR500) / Hour. 

e) Bookings will be scheduled
around existing ‘full rate’ production work. 

f) Trial mixes will not be entered into
at any stage. 

g) Sessions will be unattended by the client.
The mix + master will be sent to the client,
once complete. 

h) One set of mix tweaks
will be included in the price,
providing that the artist / band
submit a consolidated list,
on which every band member agrees.
Major alterations
will be considered to be an alternate mix,
and be billed accordingly. 

i) Christopher Tuck reserves the right
to reject songs submitted for mixing,
for technical reasons.

j) A non refundable deposit of 50%,
is to be paid to secure a booking.
Work will not commence,
until this has been paid.

k) Stereo Mixes / Masters
will not be released
until Full Payment has been made. 

l) High Quality MP3 files,
of the mastered mixes,
will be sent to the client via WeTransfer,
or an equivalent service.
A portion of these files
will be silenced OR altered,
to prevent their commercial use,
prior to full settlement of the invoice.

m) Tracks will be mastered for streaming
(Specs required by streaming services).

n) CD Quality (16 Bit / 44.1KHz) WAV,
(24 Bit / 48KHz) WAV,
and 320kbps MP3 files,
will be provided to the client
on settlement of the invoice.

o) No audio separates, stems,
or DAW session files, 
will be supplied under this rate.
Any preparation of separates / stems etc,
will be billed at $35 (ZAR500) / Hour.

p) Rate is not negotiable.

q) VAT is not applicable. 

T's & C's
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