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Christopher Tuck

Music Production / Composition / Recording / Mixing / Mastering 

Chris was probably destined

to end up in the recording studio.

As a small child in England,

he is reported to have played,

and then subsequently destroyed,

all of his mom's 78 RPM,

Beatles and Elvis records,

on the turntable.


Growing up,

he could often be found,

glued to the radio,

cassette recorder at the ready,

waiting to capture his latest favourite song.


Chris first entered the world of recording studios,

at the age of 17,

immediately after finishing school.

He got his first break into the pro recording world,

by studying electronics,

and by getting various installation jobs in studios.

Despite his skills (or lack thereof)

with the soldering iron,

his rise through the studio ranks,

was the tried and tested route,

of tea boy, assistant, engineer, producer.


His career, has seen him,

writing and performing in various bands,

composing for commercials,

creating original sound design for films,

and of course

recording, producing and mixing albums.


He has spent over 30 years,

working in both the British and South African,

recording industries. 

As a producer,

Chris likes to be hands on

with all stages of the growth of a musical idea,

from the simplest sketch,

right through to the final master.


He particularly enjoys the mixing stage,

which he sees as his opportunity

to really sink his skills into exploring

and bringing out the best in a recording.


He left London in 2010,

choosing to settle in Cape Town.

He has since set up his own production studio

at The Planet Art,

just off trendy Kloof Street

in the heart of Cape Town.

This is known as DarkPopChris HQ.


He looks forward to many creative years ahead.


The playlist below,

contains a short selection

of Instrumental tracks,

written for use,

in TV Themes, commercials,

game soundtracks,

production music libraries,

etc ...

Studio Info

DarkPopChris is based at

The Planet Art Studio,

in the heart of Cape Town.


These purpose built rooms,

designed by Nicholas Stilborg,

offer an ideal sonic environment,

in which to work.

The live room has a fantastic acoustic quality

which enhances every recording.

There are loads of tasty studio toys to play with.

The control room,

makes mixing a breeze.


The studio also comes with

a really talented and dedicated young engineer

- Mike Sims.


The studio is located off Kloof Street,
so there is plenty in the way of great food,

coffee, entertainment and accommodation,

right on its doorstep.


It's a truly creative space.

I'm very happy here.

You could be too.


The Planet Art Studio - Gallery



Blood Vine

SAMA Nomination

Best Alternative Album


I had immense fun,

recording and mixing Yoav's 3rd album,

entitled 'Blood Vine'.

Yoav and I co-produced.

Yoav - Pale Imitation - Video

Listen to an album sampler here ...

It was a pleasure

working with such a focussed

and talented individual.

Oh yes ...

and a lot of bloody hard work :-)

Thanks to Andrew and Jeremy

at Digital Forest,

for keeping the insanity real.

The making of Blood Vine,

consisted of a long period

of excessive hours,

spent behind the SSL,

and much craziness in the studio.

The results

are definitely worth it though.

I'm really proud of this one.

Fetish - Little Heart

SAMA Nomination - Best Alternative Album


I spent ten very busy days,

producing and recording

the last Fetish album.

This took place

at the newly rebuilt and refitted

Digital Forest Studios.

The band had not played together as a unit,

in over 11 years.

I decided to take a very rock-n-roll approach

to this recording,

compared to our earlier work together.

Programming and 'the whip' were abandoned

for raw performance.

It paid off.


Merry Go Round

Produced, recorded and co-written.

Little Heart - Album Teaser

Little Heart - Gallery


I enjoyed a long association with TKZee

and their record label BMG.

This began during the early days of my career.

I mixed Halloween, Guz 2001 and Shibobo,

at my Grand Theft Audio studio.


I mixed Trinity at The Farm.

The audio above, contains a short edited selection, taken from Halloween.

Darkpopchris-TKZee-Halloween Disc

I recorded, mixed and co produced the Saron Gas album 'Fragile'

and the single 'Gasoline' back in the year 2000.
The band went on to some big things in America

as the renamed Seether.

Well done boys.


This file contains an edited selection of tracks from this album.


Politik - Tell Me The Answer


This is Politik's debut album.

 The band gave me complete creative freedom,

as I took their initial ideas, 

through to the final album release. 

Rage On - 2nd Single - Video

I really enjoyed making this record,

and will always fondly remember

our time spent in the countryside,

under the stars,

working on the foundations

for 'Tell Me The Answer'. 

Fade - 1st Single - Video


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