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Christopher Tuck

Music Production / Composition / Recording / Mixing / Mastering 


He has spent over 30 years,

working in both the British and South African,

recording industries. 

As a producer,

Chris likes to be hands on

with all stages of the growth of a musical idea,

from the simplest sketch,

right through to the final master.


He particularly enjoys the mixing stage,

which he sees as his opportunity

to really sink his skills into exploring

and bringing out the best in a recording.


He left London in 2010,

choosing to settle in Cape Town.

He has since set up his own production studio

at The Planet Art,

just off trendy Kloof Street

in the heart of Cape Town.

This is known as DarkPopChris HQ.


He looks forward to many creative years ahead.


The playlist below,

contains a short selection

of Instrumental tracks,

written for use,

in TV Themes, commercials,

game soundtracks,

production music libraries,

etc ...

Studio Info